Interesting Facts About Serial Films | 19-04-2018

The name of the popular series "The Big Bang Theory" appeared not accidentally. Producers decided to use the theory that our universe appeared as a result of a big bang.

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The most expensive television series is "Terra Nova". For his shooting more than 60 million pounds.

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An interesting fact about serials is that many of them are released for many years. The most prolonged is the "Guide Light". He appeared in 1930 in the format of a show on the radio. Having won popularity among listeners, it "moved" on TV. In total, 18 262 series were shot. For comparison: the number of series of the legendary "Santa Barbara" - only 2,137.

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Popular series "Doctor House", "Law and Order", "X-Files" and other similar ones, it is correct to call procedures. This is a subset of serials in which the plot of individual episodes has little to do with previous ones. Thus, viewers can start watching them from any series.

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Many actors do not like to constantly appear in one TV series. They want to develop and try themselves in different roles. Helen Wagner (America) is clearly not one of them. She starred in the series "How the World Is Rotating" for 54 years. This allowed her to get into the Guinness Book of Records.

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The TV series "Supernatural" can be called an exciting test for true movie lovers. His main characters regularly "appropriate" the names of fictional characters or real people. For example, the Winchester brothers visited Yang and Angus (Engus Young is a member of the AU / DC group), Page and Plant (Led Zeppelin), Ryan Jack and Solo Khan (Harrison Ford characters). In addition, the names of episodes are periodically used phrases from popular rock hits.

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Studying interesting facts about the series, experts came to the conclusion that soap operas can have unpredictable influence on TV viewers. For example, Brazilian scientists have proved that the growing popularity of serials in the country has led to a decrease in the birth rate and an increase in the number of divorces. In their opinion, the reason for this was the imposition of certain norms of behavior on television. The audience began to try to imitate any characters from the screen.

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